We are a supplier of Forgings & Flanges, Fittings, and Pipes in a variety of materials for Oil & Gas industry

We are well located in Miemsandan, Busan which is a central area of Korean steel industrials as an optimal place for our business.

In connection with location advantage, we have built up a strong relationship with manufacturers to approach within 1.5 hour by vehicle.

Therefore, we are able to provide any products from our selected mills by quickly visiting and communication, if client's reqeust for any piping mateials.

0.5 hour Myung Sung Metal Co.,Ltd, LS Metal Co.,Ltd, TK Corporation, Hwajin PF Co.,Ltd,
SBENG Co.,Ltd, Cheun Woo Industry Co.,Ltd, etc
1.0 hour Hyundai RB Co.,Ltd, Hyundai HYSCO, Taesang Co.,Ltd, DK Bend Co.,Ltd,
ACE Valve Co.,Ltd, PK Valve Co.,Ltd, Hwasung Fasteners Co.,Ltd, etc
1.5 hour POSCO, Husteel Co.,Ltd, SeAh Steel Co.,Ltd, SJM, DK Lok Co.,Ltd, Kukil Intot Co.,Ltd,
Dong Yang Steel Co.,Ltd, etc